The X-MAS Tram in 2022

Since 2008 we have been supporting people from all around the world, so that no one has to celebrate Christmas alone!

любий друже – Ви не самотні!
Dear friend – You are not alone!

The last weeks have destroyed houses and lives but the idea of peace, humanism and solidarity remains. This is why we want to re-think our year long Christmas project X-Mas Tram for the current situation.
Over the last years we brought together hundreds of citizens from our area with foreign students around Christmas so they did not have to spend this time of the year alone but to make them feel welcome in the midst of our society. Now we want to extend our project and offer our skills to all those who have recently lost something, want caring company or simply be distracted from the horrors they fled for a few hours.
Dresden’s citizens invite you for an evening with their families, a tour to a museum, a hike in the mountains or anything else that might be enjoyable and comforting for refugees these days.

любий друже, please check out our website for the latest buddy offers and find friends and a helping hand.
If time and temperature allow it, we even consider an event for all of you together, people from Dresden and our guests, united in peace. So follow us on social media to receive updates and support.
We look forward to getting to know you and hope to give a helping hand!


The X-Mas Tram is priced for bringing people together

The award in internationalisation 2020 for a culture of welcome goes to the X-Mas Tram!

The award is intended to promote and make visible these successful and outstanding activities and projects, and thus further strengthen our culture of welcome.
For more than 10 years a small but enthusiastic group of young people has been organizing the X-MAS Tram in Dresden. With this special tram ride through Dresden we continue to bring foreign students, international guest scientists and “Newdresdner” together with Saxon citizens. Our dream is that no one in Dresden has to celebrate Christmas alone.

The X-MAS Tram: an Introduction

Every year on the first Wednesday in December the X-MAS Tram drives through the beautiful, hopefully snowy Dresden. When it gets dark outside the intercultural tram ride begins. Everywhere in the tram you will find lovely Christmas decoration. You can lean back and enjoy the international atmosphere in the tram and the ride though the illuminated Dresden. Later, you can get some Glühwein, taste some typical German Christmas food like Stollen and listen to German Christmas music. The highlight of the evening is our Christmas buddy program. Locals offer different activities that are typical for Christmas and winter time in Dresden to a small group of people that are new in Dresden.

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