Auf einem Monitor in der Straßenbahn wird von der X-MAS Tram berichtet

become a christmas buddy

More often than not future buddies have a lot of questions before they apply with their activity ideas. Because those questions often repeat themselves we collected them and answered them in this overview.

The Answers:

Do I have to invite the students into my house?

Of course not. You alone decide on the form of your offer – a walk through snowy Dresden, a wintry hike or ice skating are just examples for things you can’t do at home. If you need further examples take a look at the offers from 2015, 2016,, 2017 und 2018.

Can the activities only happen on the Christmas holidays?

No. The offers start the day after the X-MAS Tram and continue up until January. Most of the dormitories empty out before Christmas Eve and most students only return after New Year’s. That’s the time that the foreign students that can’t go home feel most alone – so, that is also the time where most of our buddy offers happen.

What if I don’t speak any foreign languages?

It is not a problem if you don’t speak any languages other than your own. The buddy offers always mention which languages are spoken so you know beforehand whom you will understand. But even if you don’t speak the same language it can be very entertaining to communicate with your hands, legs and just your whole body. 😉

What does being a buddy mean?

If you make a buddy offer it is like a promise. You promise your buddy to spend some lonely hours with them. It doesn’t mean you have to do it though – if something happens and you have to reschedule or cancel just contact your buddy and it won’t be a problem. Also, you don’t have to spend your money on an offer – either share the cost or do something that is for free.

Until when can I send my offer in?

Best case scenario? You send us your offer as soon as possible so we can share them on or Website. It would be great if you send us your offer until the 20th of December.

How many people am I allowed to invite?

If you want to you could invite all students at once. Alternatively you can make more than one offer – that is totally up to you!

Can I decide on whom to “adopt”?

Yes, that is possible. For that you just need to be at the X-MAS Tram and be near the offer’s board so you can meet potential buddies there.

How do I meet up with my buddy?

All buddies share their contact information via e-mail. We will share this information and you can get in touch and plan your perfect day.

become a christmas buddy