The Concept

Mitglieder der X-MAS Tram haben sich als Weihnachtsengel und -mann verkleidet und lächeln in die Kamera

Some students and immigrants cannot celebrate Christmas with their familiy – they may not have the money to fly home or they have to work over the holidays. Whatever reason the fact is that they are alone in a foreign country, in a strange city, having no one to give them some company. so for those people – lets come together, so that no one has to celebrate Christmas alone!

So No One Has to Be Alone

In 2008 the idea of the X-MAS Tram was born. For the first time students of all nationalities were invited to a Christmas tram ride of a very special kind, because they had to celebrate Christmas alone in a new city in a foreign country instead of celebrating with their families or friends. But we wanted to set a sign: No one in Dresden has to celebrate Christmas alone.

To a Magical Christmas

During an intercultural tram ride through the illuminated city of Dresden and a festive stay at the Dresden Tram Museum, contacts are made between people that are new in Dresden like the foreign students and German families. A very important part of that is the Christmas buddy program. Beside the buddy program there is always a culture program too. We present some typical German Christmas traditions like Stollen, ginger bread, Glühwein and Christmas songs.