The Concept

Mitglieder der X-MAS Tram haben sich als Weihnachtsengel und -mann verkleidet und lächeln in die Kamera

Some students and immigrants cannot celebrate Christmas with their familiy – they may not have the money to fly home or they have to work over the holidays. Whatever reason the fact is that they are alone in a foreign country, in a strange city, having no one to give them some company. So for those people – lets come together, so that no one has to celebrate Christmas alone!

No One Has to Be Alone

In 2008 the idea of the X-MAS Tram was born. For the first time students of all nationalities were invited to a Christmas tram ride of a very special kind, because they had to celebrate Christmas alone in a new city in a foreign country instead of celebrating with their families or friends. But we wanted to set a sign: No one in Dresden has to celebrate Christmas alone.

To a Magical Christmas

During an intercultural tram ride through the illuminated city of Dresden and a festive stay at the Dresden Tram Museum, contacts are made between people that are new in Dresden like the foreign students and German families. A very important part of that is the Christmas buddy program. Beside the buddy program there is always a culture program too. We present some typical German Christmas traditions like Stollen, ginger bread, Glühwein and Christmas songs.

We know that this year is a very special one, but we believe that especially now it is the time to stick together and provide everyone a happy Christmas.
In this year the event will take place digitally.

We are confident that nevertheless we can bring together many people like we did in the last years.

Do you want to provide a special offer to become a Christmas buddy? Get more information or write us!