Christmas Buddy Offers 2016

Unter einem Unterstand sind Teilnehmer der X-MAS Tram zusammengekommen. Sie sind alle in warme Wintermäntel eingemummelt und lächeln in die Kamera.

Become a Christmas buddy now!
And if you need some inspiration, you can find some of the offers from 2016 here:

No. Offer When Who Languages
1 Baking cookies together, drinking tea or punch. Both of my children will help eagerly. For 3 people, children are warmly welcome. Dresden-Strehlen, 15.12. from 4:30 pm  on,  by arrangement Maike German, English
2 Ice skating together on concert-place Weißer Hirsch (unlimited number of participants) on 11.12.16 & 25.12.16, time by arrangement. Fanny German, English
3 Baking cookies together,  and watching a German x-mas film (for each event max. 5 people) on 18.12 & 26.12.16, time by arrangement. Fanny German, English
4 Winterday in the Saxon mountains (Erzgebirge): We’ll take ski or sleighs with us and enjoy the snow. Then we could go for a walk, have some mulled wine and x-mas sweets. We will enjoy a nice winterday…maye we will finisch the trip with a little walk in the snow. For 5 people. January oder February (depending on snow-conditions), by arrangement. Anja German, English, Italian
5 On a Sunday in advent we will meet for baking cookies before x-mas and go ice-skating..
2-3 people.
10.12.2016 or 17.12.2016, by arrangement. Astrid German, English
6 Cooking dinner in Pieschen
Together we’ll go shopping and will cook a healthy diner in our kitchen. We’ll have tee and natural water. We’re looking foreward to see you! Max. 6 people.
14.12./21.12./ 28.12. or 4.1.2017, by arrangement. David und Peter German, English, Spanish, Russian, Greek
7 Visiting together the Christmas-Concert of the Neuen Chor Dresden in Dreikönigskirche. After that we’ll go to the Christmas-Market on Hauptstraße. Max. 2 people. 17.12.16; 4 pm. Meeting-point by arrangement. Dora und Bert German, English, Polish
8 We will make traditional German Christmas cookies, listening to Christmas songs and drinking Glühwein and tea.
Last year the atmosphere was so nice that we were playing guitar and singing songs all together.
I’m looking forward to making delicious cookies with you! 🙂
Max. 5 people.
17.12.2016, 3 pm, Tharandter Streße, Löbtau Maria English
9 Christmas-sky above Dresden.
I will show you the Christmas atmoshere from the top. For that we will climb on a tower of a Dresden church. Afterwards we deserved some strengthening on the Christmas market. For ca. 2-4 people.
14. or 15.12. afternonn / evening Cordula  German, English, Spanish, French
10 Young Christmas music from Dresden. Visting a gymnasia Christmas concert at BeBe school/Gymnasium. Afterward we will go for some mulled wine. For 2 people. 16.12. 16.30 or 19.00 Cordula German, English, Spanish, French
11 “Schrottwichteln” (Junk Secret Santa) – we will spend a cosy afternoon / evening with friends. Before we meet, we will describe the rules of “Schrottwichteln”. We also offer some cookies and mulled wine. 🙂 For 1-2 people. 18.12., by arrangement. Lydia German, (English)
12 Celebrating together Chrismas Eve with Christmas songs and diner … plus/or diner in  the pre-Christmas period in Pieschen. For 2-3 people. 24.12.16 from 17:00  on Kerstin German, English, Spanish, French
13 Going out with friends for some mulled wine in Dresden Neustadt For 3 people. 16.12.2016, 18:00, Neustädter Winter Hütt’n Sebastian German, English
14 Winter walk in the mountains with a horse. No worries: no horseback riding, just walking and and enjoying the snow. Then we’ll have some mulled wine and x-mas sweets … nice talking, enjoy nature …
For 2-4 people.
Date  by arrangement,  length of time ca. 2 hours in Eppendorf / Erzgebirge Antje German
15 Simone + Simone + 2 will bake a traditionel “Dresdner Stollen” Our guests will take it an cut it a week later.
No one needs to starve that night, so we will make aditionally a warmd “Stollenkuchen”. It is made of Stollen-paste and potatoes. Back settled we will enjoy it with mulled wine or hot chocolate.
Beeing lucky there will be a  “Christmas-reading” by Marion Neumann at DVD-logfire.
For 2-3 people.
Friday,  16.12.2016, 3-7 pm, Borsbergstr. 2, 01309 Dresden Simone + Simone German, English
16 Christmas time is time for cinema! Lets watch “Goodbye Lenin”, a multi-award winning German nostalgia movie in our living room cinema together. For the real cinema feeling, there is a short pre-film, popcorn and matching the film East German Spreewald cucumbers.
For 4 people.
Thursday, 08.12.2016, 19:45 – 23:00, Dresden-Plauen Jesko Deutsch, Englisch, (Spanisch)
17 Making Christmas stars in a cozy round with coffee and tea. Do you know Fröbel, Aureliostern and Co.?
Number of participants unlimited.
19.12.2016, from 5pm ,
Dresden Neustadt
Margarete German, English,
18 Ice skating on the Weißer Hirsch, followed by cozy Advent cafe dumplings with homemade biscuits and Christmas music.
For 2 person
18.12.2016, from 2pm,
We can arrange the place later.
Katrin German, English, French
19 We invite 1-2 guests to our cosy home in the Zittauer mountains, very beautiful scenery. On December 24th, we will explore the Zittauer Gebirge and go for a long hike with some Glühwein drinking afterwards. We will have a wonderful dinner together – you are invited! And spend a relaxing evening in front of our fire place – getting to know each other cultures. You are welcome to use our guest room + bath for the night. After a late breakfast on Dec. 25th we take you back to Zittau Train Station.
Our white shepard dog is also excited to get to know you!
For 1-2 person
24.12., 3pm to 25.12., ca. 3pm
Kurort Oybin (pickup at Zittau Trainstation possible)
Sabine & Kai Englisch, German
20 Krav-Maga introductory course
Krav Maga is THE self-defense system of the modern era. Proven in day-to-day use with security forces worldwide, Krav Maga combines maximum efficiency with simplicity. With a visit during the regular training of our club, you get an impression of what makes us together, what joins us and creates joy. Come over and just get in.
Be welcome!
For 10 persons
15.12.2016, 6:30pm – 8pm,
Coselpalais bei DDP Personal Training & TanzStudio
Ralf German
21 A common afternoon in the pre-Christmas period with cozy coffee-drink and an outdoor activity such as Ice skating or winter walking … we adjust with the weather. There are 2 children (4 years and 3 months).
For 2-3 persons, also with children.
17.12., from 2pm,
We can arrange the place later.
Isabel & Susann German, English, Spanish, French
22 Christmas with us and with a gospel concert in the evening or 11 pm
For 2-3 students.
We can arrange the place later.
Lena & Sandra German, English, (French)
23 Christmas bowling for 2-3 hours
For 2-3 students.
We can arrange the place later.
Lena & Sandra German, English, (French)
24 The winter is long and Dresden still has a lot to offer after Christmas.
I invite 2 of you to spend with me and my boyfriend a nice afternoon on the romantic ice rink at the Weißer Hirsch.
For 2 persons.
22.01.2017 from 1 pm (Exact time we can still make out)
In front of Ice skating rink at Weißer Hirsch
Jessica German, English,
25 We, three women (16 and 20 and 46 years), would like to go to the women’s cafe in the theatre Building “Kleine Haus”.
For 2 to 3 women.
2.1.2017, 3pm – 5pm
“Kleine Haus” Glacisstr. 28, Dresden
Annette deutsch, englisch